2014 participant list. 

Those in blue have committed a deposit and have a room confirmed.  Those in green have paid the balance in full.  Those in black text have expressed a no-obligation interest in the tour.  A deposit secures a room for you.  If, for any reason you find you are unable to go, I make every attempt to return your money to you.  Very late cancellation can cause problems but my aim is always to try to make a refund.

A deposit of 50 per person per tour secures your room.  I request the balance at the beginning of the month prior to the tour (eg. Balance at the beginning of August for a tour in September)

 Please email me if you would like to express an interest in any of the tours - deposits can be dealt with later - I want to be sure to reserve enough rooms as early as possible.

Neufchatel en Bray

Wroxton, Banbury


Up North
Bellingham, Northumberland

Lambertsberg, Germany)

Alan Abrahams Alan Abrahams Alan Abrahams Hugh Mackenzie Alan Abrahams
James Abrahams Alison Abrahams Chris Webber Chantal Mackenzie Alison Abrahams
Alison Abrahams JamesAbrahams Hugh Mackenzie Dave Gunnell James Abrahams
Chris Webber Chris Webber Dave Bradley Alan Abrahams Chris Webber
Dave Bradley Hugh Mackenzie Pam Bradley Chris Webber Dave Bradley
Pam Bradley Chantal Mackenzie Malcolm Graham Les Waller Pam Bradley
Les Waller Dave Bradley Hazel Goble Rod Gant Hugh Mackenzie
Mike West Pam Bradley David Ley Malcolm Graham Chantal Mackenzie
Ann West Rod Gant Keith Gibbins Hazel Goble Dave Chatley
Bill Mills Geoff Waldmeyer  (Ground flr) Bill Mills Lyn Crush Ray Farmer
Irene Waldmeyer Murray Freeman Ron Wright Malcolm Graham
Malcolm Graham Yvonne Banfield Bet Wright Bill Mills
Hazel Goble Tony Page Pete Vines Duncan Moss
Dave Blanchard Debbie Ogden Chris Vines Laurie Long
Sue Blanchard Gavin Shaw Mike West Tony Page
Bryan Partridge Ann West Debbie Ogden
  Lyn Crush   Bill Mills Murray Freeman
  Malcolm Tappin   Dave Fleetwood Yvonne Banfield
  Keith Clarke   Murray Freeman Denise Bayliss
  Ray Tappin   Yvonne Banfield Peter Bayliss
  Dave Shaw   Duncan Moss Dickie Barsby
  Dave Raggett     Karen Barsby
  Dave Fleetwood     Gavin Shaw
  Derek Bentley     Marynka Shaw
  Barbara Bentley      
Martin Brockwell
  Rachel Brockwell      
  Andy Ablett      
  Hugh McAllister      
  June McAllister      
  Steve Webber      
  Brian Tompkins      
  Marion Tompkins