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CFH/PT/Service   -  8th January, 1958

Service Bulletin No. 58 / 2.

The manufacture of Direct Sealed Beam Headlamps to Part No. 701562 and the Rectified Sealed Beam Headlamps to Part No. 701563 having been discontinued, we have been compelled to substitute Lamps to Part No. 701711 and 701704 respectively.

In both cases these new type Lamps will be supplied with 1 Blanking Plug for Speedometer Aperture to Part No. 004729,  1 Bracket to Part No. 004318 and 2 Pins to Part No. 900325.

These Lamps complete with the necessary fittings will be supplied at the current retail price of 4 10s 0d.

Yours faithfully,
James Motor Cycles Ltd

Service Manager