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Commodore Model L25.

The following special service arrangements have been introduced to promote goodwill and are now in operation:-

  1. Any dealer carrying in stock a new 1957 model L25 may, at his option, request us to supply F.O.C. the 1958 silencer system, inclusive of footrest rod, distance tube and two footrest hangers, in exchange for the return of the items supplied as original equipment.

  2. When used machines are concerned, we are prepared to supply the 1958 system and components, as listed above, at the special concessionary price of 3. 0. 0d. nett.
    N.B.   If a kerbstand is fitted the above modification will entail the shortening of the kerb stand bracket by ⅝".  Where grill type safety-bar legshields are fitted, an additional legshield bracket should be requested.

  3. Rear suspension units with non-bonded rubber bushes will be replaced by the bonded type, free of charge.