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James Cavalier Model L.17 with 17T A.M.C. Engine Unit.

Commencing with Engine No. 17T/2983, the manufacturers have introduced a modified cylinder and piston which are NOT interchangeable with the original type.

As will be seen from the accompanying sketch, the old type piston (Part No. 541601) has a cut away portion at the rear of the skirt, whilst the mating (sic) cylinder (Part No. 541610) can be distinguished by the relief under the carburettor flange.

The modified piston (Part No 541559) has no cut away, and the matching cylinder (Part No. 541555) is distinguished by the fact that the inlet port is approximately ⅜" lower than that of the former type.  The total distance from the top of this cylinder to the top of the inlet port is 3.9/16".

It is most essential, therefore, that when ordering cylinders and / or pistons for this particular model the engine number of the machine for which they are required is always quoted.