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20th January 1960

The information contained in this Instruction Book is applicable to the 1958, 1959, 1960 L1 Comet models and 1958, 1959 L15 Cadet models.  The only modification concerns the exhaust pipe and silencer fitted to the 1960 Comet and consequently the instructions given in page 48 no longer apply.

For the purposes of dismantling and cleaning the silencer and exhaust unit, the following procedure is recommended.  Begin by unscrewing the flange nut connecting the exhaust pipe to the cylinder and the fixing nut from the silencer to the frame.  The pipe, which is a push fit, is then disconnected and the rear section of the silencer detached by removing the four small screws, leaving the interior accessible and ready for cleaning.  This should be done by means of ordinary household detergent and boiling water, and if necessary it may be advisable to use a stiff brush to remove thoroughly all oil and carbon.