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Ignition - Flying Cadet Model L.15A.

The first batch of stator plates as fitted to this model have caused some trouble due to the method of attaching the H.T. lead to the H.T. coil.

In these original assemblies the H.T. lead had a star washer soldered on the end, the idea being that when the lead was inserted into the coil box aperture to make contact with the terminal inside the washer would hold it in position, but in some cases movement took place resulting in the breaking of the contact.

The resultant gap caused high voltage and subsequent final breakdown.

The manufacturers have introduced a modification incorporating a wood screw in the coil to which the H.T. lead is screwed.  (The star washer is no longer fitted).  About six turns of the lead will ensure correct assembly, but care must be taken to ensure that the lead is screwed in centrally so that the screw does not pierce the protective covering.