Lost en Ardennes 2013 - Lost in one of the lovliest places on earth.


We enjoyed three days of beautiful weather at one of my favourite places on earth.  We were back for the sixth consecutive year at the Hotel Rittersprung in Ouren in Belgium.  The party comprised 16 of us and, as usual, we had a magnificent time enjoying two new routes and a recycled route from previous years.

In my view, the hotel location overlooking the river is unparalleled.  It is beautiful and tranquil.

Coffee stop in La Roche en Ardennes.  A good cup of coffee or a fruit juice with fabulous cakes to share.  Sitting in the sunshine on the terrace of a cafe - what's not to love ?
In Houffalize town centre there is a tank to commemorate the 'Battle of the Bulge'.
Pictured at Wahlhausen in Luxembourg, these three bikes are typical of the machines that take part in a 'Lost In...' tour.  1930s Ariel, 1964 two stroke James and Dave and Pam Bradley's R50 BMW.  None of them wildly over powered they are perfect for the minor roads that we use.
Chris Webber and Dave Benson with orange juices !
Alan Abrahams with blackcurrant sorbet.  Good food like this will be key to the treatment of my cancer in the coming months so please make sure you eat plenty - it does me good.

Why do we look so straight-faced ? We really were having a good time.

Blue skies, good friends, old bikes lost in the middle of nowhere.  It beats working for a living !
Economical, reliable, otherwise unremarkable and un-dramatic, a bike like this 150cc James is perfect for tours such as this.  It has enough power and braking capability to cope with all the hills.  It is light and easy to ride.  This one happens to be very original and unmolested (apart from its very comfortably reupholstered new dual seat).

You really do not need a big, powerful or flashy bike.  It is all about enjoying a relaxed ride on minor roads and the less of a handful your bike is, the easier it is to enjoy a day's ride.

Here ends the sermon.  Come and join us and find out for yourself.