Lost with your Lover 2013 - Lost in the Lap of Luxury


I cannot make a proper report as, due to illness, I was unable to attend this tour.  Malcolm Graham stood in for me and I thank him for doing so.

28 friends participated in this first 'couples only' tour and the feedback that I have received suggests that they had a good time. 

The following gallery of pictures from Hazel Goble and Pam Bradley goes a long way to demonstrating what went on and I thank them for forwarding the images.


Ickworth House is the former home of the Marquis of Bristol and is built in the Palladian style.  The central rotunda was built to hold art treasures and the main building is now a hotel.
Rod and Brigitte Gant .
Richard and Karen Barsby.  Richard grew up at Ickworth at the time when his father was employed there. 
Lunch stop at Castle Hedingham.
My sincere thanks to all the participants on this tour and to Pam and Hazel for taking the pictures.