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Lost in Luxembourg 2012


Photos by Alan Abrahams


Ian Farrington and Sue Foster at Vianden.

Lyn Crush's D1 BSA Bantam at Vianden.  Duncan Moss, left, and Dave Chatley in the background.

Ray Farmer with his 500cc AJS twin outside our venue, the Hotel Oranienburg in Vianden.

Lyn Crush and Moira Liney discuss the finer points of Laurie Long's 650cc Matchless twin in the car park at Vianden.
Laurie Long with his Matchless ready for a dry day's ride - maybe.

The English doing what the English do best - forming an orderly queue for cakes.
On Le Shuttle under the English Channel.  Chris Webber and Lyn Crush.

June 1st 2012 - £180 return for the van.

Mannfred from Manternach with Chris Webber and Lyn Crush.  Mannfred went to the rescue when Lyn's Bantam gave up the ghost.  Seen here at the Wine Cooperative at Wormeldange on the River Moselle.
From left to right:  Tony Page, Paul March and Bill Mills.  Ian Farrington is seated.  Paul's Sunbeam gave trouble when it ceased firing on one cylinder.   After Ian had electrocuted himself a few times it ran perfectly again.  The picture was taken at Bourscheid, where the coffee stop café was closed !