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Lost in... various places 2010

Photos by Alan Abrahams

Right:  Stanton House Hotel.  Lost in the Cotswolds. May 2010.  George Rhodes BSA C11, Keith Clarke Francis Barnett, Derek and Barbara Bentley, Triumph.




Marion Tompkins on her 160cc Honda.  Lost in the Cotswolds. May 2010.






Brian Giles, 100cc Kawasaki and Paul Woods 100cc Yamaha.  Lost in the Cotswolds.  May 2010. 
These small bikes are perfectly suited to the narrow country lanes on our tours

Keith Gibbins, MZ 250 at the Blue Ball Inn, Countisbury.  Lost on Exmoor .  July 2010.  The Moto Guzzi belongs to David Ley.


Sue Blanchard tackles the ford at Tarr Steps on the Lost on Exmoor Tour.  July 2010.
The Tarr Steps is the name give to the ancient, stone, pack-horse bridge.



Geoff Waldmeyer brought this Honda DN-01 on the Lost on Exmoor Tour.  700cc V-twin twist and go borrowed from Dan Dare.
Broken clutch cable removed and a replacement fitted in less than 15 minutes.  Brian Tompkins with his Francis Barnett Falcon.  Lost on Exmoor .  July 2010.

Roland Wallis takes the ford at Malmsmead.  Lost on Exmoor.  July 2010.  Suzuki SV 650.

At the top of the toll road from Porlock, avoiding the 1: 4 main A39 road.

The Yarn Market at Dunster.  Mid-morning coffee stop.  Lost on Exmoor.  July 2010.  It was a hot day and the bikes needed a bit of shade !