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Lost in France 2010


Photos by Dave Bourne



Above: Hotel Les Airelles, Neufchatel en Bray.  Getting ready for the day's ride.


St Samson la Poterie.  A beautiful church by a dilapidated mill. 
Gorgeous sunshine - perfect.






Not lost...
Just unsure of where we are, where we've been and where we're going.
St Samson la Poterie.

Not lost...
Just unsure of where we are...
Just a few miles from St Samson la Poterie.


An antiques emporium in the quiet village ofMainneville.



This is what it's all about. 
Enjoying the sunshine at Lyons le F
The 'doodlebug' launching site at
Val Ygot near Neufchatel

Rural architecture. typical of the region