Food therapy - How you can help.

Take at least once a day, preferably accompanied by friends.

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Here's me, looking chipper, in the Medway Hospital, hooked up to the second of two units of blood (5 hours to drip into my arm !!!). 
My Essex therapist, Pam Bradley, has made, and eaten, this lovely chocolate cake on my behalf.  I am especially partial to chocolate buttons and flaky chocolate so the medicinal value is considerably enhanced.
You'll have heard of Red Cross parcels.  Well here is Hugh Mackenzie's cake based version.  A fabulous selection of toothsome treats !  This great box of goodies arrived one evening whilst Hugh was away on the 'Lost in Luxembourg' tour.  It did me a power of good - as you can imagine - and put about a stone and a half back on my waistline.  You've got to be cruel to be kind !
Here we have a couple of photos of Moira Liney's fantastic selection of cakes.  Tony Page and Debbie Ogden delivered them on a wet Saturday and what a range of choice !  Millionaires Shortbread, Rocky Road, ginger, coffee, walnuts, jam.  Unbelievable !

As a result of eating these my weight rose by half a stone in a week.  The doctor will be very happy but it came as a bit of a surprise to me.

Hugh and Chantal Mackenzie have sent a second supply of lovely treats for me and here you see that I have already made serious inroads even before taking any photos.  Sonya lives across the River Medway from us on the outskirts of the Medway Towns and delivered them herself.  She appears to have a thriving business and Hugh found her on the internet.

Thank you all for taking an active part in my therapy. 



January 2014 - a new year and lots of new cakes !

More delicious cakes from Hugh and Chantal Mackenzie.  My weight is now perilously close to being more than it has ever been. 

Who can possibly resist ?  Moist cake with loads of sugary icing on top. 


This consignment were, originally to have been delivered just before Christmas but Sonia, the lady who makes them was rather busy.  Consequently, she changed the theme of the icing from traditional Christmas decoration to these flowers.  Inside was a gorgeous, rich fruit cake.

These glorious gingerbread confections were created by Pam and Dave Bradley's daughter in law.  She is Latvian and it is traditional to give gingerbreads like this at Christmas. I don't think the unhappy chappy below was made by their daughter in law but I'm not sure.