Food therapy - How you can help.

Take at least once a day, preferably accompanied by friends.

Page 2 - November

Great cake has been an important feature of the Lost In... tours since their inception. 

I always try to find lovely cafes that offer a good selection of treats.  I am convinced that they do you good and  am determined to take advantage of their healing properties. 

I feel sure that they do me good even if you eat them so please think of me whenever you enjoy a particularly good cake, pie, tart, bun, bread, flan, or whatever sticky treat you choose. 

Remember - the more you enjoy it the better it will do me.  Don't hold back. 


Very definitely British but I've no idea where.
A lovely, bright and persuasive selection.  Let the healing  begin but...where do you start.
A lovely light lunch.  You can feel the fish doing you good just by looking at it.
Distinctly continental !
I think these may have photographed in the cafe on the High Street at Headcorn.
The tearooms by the river in Winsford, on Exmoor.  We had a lovely sunny day to sit outside.

Tea cosies are much to be desired.  You just do not see them often enough.

I believe this is probably the cafe in South Molton, Devon but cannot be sure
The cafe by the river at Bollendorf - or is it Wallendorf ?  This cafe is on the Luxembourg side of the bridge and the buildings you can see through the window are in Germany.  Top quality pastries.
The Bantam Tearooms in Chipping Campden.  An excellent selection of cakes that are all made in-house.