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Lost in Luxembourg 2011

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Photos by Hugh Mackenzie


Look at the countryside.  Not a single vehicle came past whilst Hugh took his photo.  Empty roads, huge landscape.  Perfect.

OK - you can see another vehicle in this picture - but it is a main road !

Nothing brings people together like a breakdown.  Bill Mills' Villiers-twin Panther gets repaired by committee.  The problem was the loosest primary chain ever seen - but it still got him home.

Chris Webber at the German-Luxembourg border but with a check shirt.
A propaganda photo !  350cc Triumph, 175cc BSA Bantam and a 98cc James Comet.  You do not need a big bike or a fast bike to enjoy a 'Lost In...' tour.  In fact a small bike allows you more time to enjoy the countryside - you do not need to be travelling at a million miles per hour.

Tiger 90, Norton Dominator, BSA B31, James Comet and Triumph 21 pictured at Ouren, where we stay for our 'Lost in Ardennes' Tour each year.  Join us next September for 4 nights at the Hotel Rittersprung, in one of the loveliest locations imaginable, overlooking the River Our. 



The Lancaster Memorial between Ouren (Belgium) and Wesiwampach (Luxembourg.)  Two Lancaster bombers were shot down on the night of the 13th & 14th August 1944.  13 aircrew lost their lives and one was taken prisoner.