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Lost in Luxembourg 2011

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Photos by Tony Page


Bill Mills electric start Panther.  Bill has been on many 'Lost In...' tours with this bike.

Paul March's Triumph 21.  Paul travels with Bill Mills to rallies all over the UK and Europe.

Dave Chatley's BSA A7 is typical of the bigger bikes to be seen on a 'Lost In...' tour.

Hugh Mackenzie in Larochette with his Triumph Tiger 90.  Hugh also brought a T160 Trident and alternated between the two bikes.
Typical scene on 'Lost in Luxembourg.'  The routes constantly cross between Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg so we are never far from a border crossing. 

Esch sur Süre was our coffee stop but not until the riders had tackled a 'Route Barrée.
The Lancaster Memorial between Ouren and Weiswampach.  Two Lancaster bombers were shot down at around midnight on the same night. 
One of the planes belonged to a New Zealand Squadron.  One of the crewmen is recorded as having been taken prisoner but the others (there were 7 crewmen on each plane) lost their lives.  There are small memorials like this all over the region.

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