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Lost in Luxembourg 2011


Photos by Tony Page


Above: Typical of the variety of machines to be seen on a 'Lost In...' tour.  Pictured at the Lancaster memorial near Weiswampach are Chris Webber's 1967 BSA Bantam D14 Sports, Alan Abrahams' 1951 98cc James Comet and Tony Page's 1951 500cc Ariel.  All the routes are suitable for all types of bike.

1951 98cc two-speed James Comet at Larochette in Luxembourg.  Even a small machine like this is capable of completing a day's run of 100 miles without difficulty.  Most roads have a good surface and you do not get shaken to pieces.



The 'Route Barree' is an inevitable part of riding in Luxembourg, especially at the end of the year.  Road maintenance is taken very seriously and entire roads can be closed.  

On the Luxembourg - German Border below Kalborn.  A beautiful sweeping road drops you to the border on the river and we now face a glorious climb back up the other side.

Chris Webber and Alan Abrahams stand with a BSA Bantam D14 Sports, Triumph Tiger 90 and Ariel Red Hunter twin.