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After the War, when production picked up, they produce a line of well made machines that earned the factory a reputation for quality and value. 

The catalogues show side valve and overhead valve models throughout the capacity range and, in 1928 - 31 a speedway model using the 500cc V-twin ohv engine in a stripped and strengthened frame.  The James all metal clutch was much appreciated, by competition riders, for it's ability to endure sustained abuse without fade. 

From 1934 the factory produced only lightweight two-strokes which saw them through the low years of the 30's.  In the Second World War they produced only two models - an autocycle and, for the government, the James M.L. 

The M.L (Military Lightweight) was a development of a pre-war design adapted for military use with the intention that it be dropped from an aircraft for use in the period after the D-Day landings to allow airborne troops greater mobility.  The M.L. was nicknamed the Clockwork Mouse. 

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1929 James
Model A6 350cc

1930 James
Model B1 500cc

1930 Speedway
Model 500cc
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