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At last they are available !View JAMES 829...JPG in slide show

Replacement James and Francis Barnett tank badges
and rubbers are now available
from Classic Transfers.

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I want to know about... The James CD-Rom. -   

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The British Two Stroke Club organised the
F.I.V.A. World Motorcycle Meeting 2011
See the photos.


James logo T-shirts


1930's gold on black or 1950's silver on maroon.
New - 'Simply Wizard' maroon on a white shirt.
12 each to any UK address - post paid
18 each to any address worldwide - post paid

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Get Lost..! - Ride your James with me in the UK and on the Continent.
Small party tours for older motorcycles. Come and get Lost in...  Click here for details.


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Did you know ?
Suzukis were supplied from the James factory.

James motorcycles.
A brief history.

British Two Stroke Club. 
How to join.
F.I.V.A. 2011 World Meeting

Vintage Motor Cycle Club
Join the world's premier historic motorcycle club.  16000 members can't be wrong !

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