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1st Jan 2005

Launch of new service to assist owners wishing to obtain a DVLA registration document

19th Oct 2004

The section on pre-war models now contains an image of all models from 1902

16th Aug 2004

Service Bulletin 2 / 60 added to list

26th June 2004

Contact Vale-Onslow for James spares

28th Feb 2004

Get a free set of 10 motorcycle postcards when you buy a James t-shirt

11th Nov 2003

Pre-war model index - upload of most 1930's models - 2 stroke & 4 stroke

2nd Nov 2003

Pictures - unrestored 1953 J9 Commando (15 secs.) & restored 1962 Superswift
13th Sept 2003 Service Bulletins - transcripts of some original Service Bulletins

11th Sept 2003

Colour match and formulation for Arden Green - find link on FAQ page

19th July 2003

Colour match for Stromboli Red - find link on FAQ page

19th July 2003 

Light switches - a link to a supplier of light switches and other useful parts
    5th July 2003 Comets - Captains - Cadets - Commodore - extra pictures for each year.
29th June 2003 Rigid - frame Captains - extra pictures now show all models of rigid frame Captain.
28th June 2003 Rigid - frame Cadets  - extra pictures now show all models of rigid frame Cadet.
26th June 2003 Reproduction parts - a selection of reproduction James parts to buy
15th June 2003 I want to talk James - links to two James groups on the internet
12th June 2003 Did you know ? - odd topics of James interest
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