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James Colonel K12. 225cc. 1954-1956

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1954 - 55:
  Maroon throughout.
1954: The tank had a gold line round the raised panel
1955: The tank had a double silver line (thick outside - thin inside)
1956: the hubs & brake plates were silver painted.
1956: Alternative finish of Seagull Grey (light grey) with Pastel Grey tank panels lined in silver and black. (Thick silver outside, thin black centre, thin silver inside).  The wheel rims had Seagull Grey raised centre well.

Chrome: Rear suspension unit lower covers, handlebars & levers, headlamp bolts &  rim, ammeter & speedo bezels, exhaust system, toolbox lid fasteners.
1955 on: The rings on the fork shrouds were half chromed (top half) and half painted.

1955 on:
The aluminium hub centres were polished.

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