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James Captain K7. 200cc. 1954-1959

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The Captain was maroon throughout.
For 1954 the tank had a silver line round the raised tank panel.
For 1955 - 56 the tank was double lined in silver. (Thick line outside, thin line inside).
For 1957 - 59 the tank was double lined in gold.
For 1957 on the bike was also available in Martial Grey with Royal Blue tank panels double lined in gold or James Maroon with Tropical Grey panels, double lined in gold.
Aluminium silver (Argenize) wheel rims until the end of 1956

Chrome: Handlebars & levers, rear suspension unit lower spring covers, exhaust system, headlamp bolts & rim, speedo and ammeter bezels, toolbox fasteners, tank top strip (1954). Wheel rims were chromed for 1957 onwards.
For 1957 the centres were painted (Tropical Grey) and gold lined. From 1958 they were fully chromed.
Cadmium: Nuts & bolts.

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