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James. 1903. 2 h.p.  Model T

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Frame: Best weldless steel tubing, 1⅛" and 1" main tubes
Triangulated strengthened steering head
Chain stays: Bridged double
Forks: Special motor, with outside plated stays
Wheels 28"
Tyres: Bartlett Dunlop 2", thickened edges
James concealed 1903 front & rear (rim) brake
Minerva 2 h.p. motor
James patent tangent hubs
64" pedalling gear
Detachable mudguards with front wheel extension
Lycett's L30 "La Grande" or Brooks' B90 saddle
James (Hyde patent) free wheel
Rat trap or rubber pedals
Finish: Black enamel, all bright parts heavily plated on copper
Price 50

Model T : Gent's Motor Cycle 2 h.p. 45

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