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James. 1909. 3 h.p.  Safety Model 

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Chassis - Registered design
Wheels and tyres 26" x  2"
Patented hubs and hub centre steering system
Internal expansion band brakes
Belt rim built onto separate hub
James 3 h.p. engine.  86mm x 90mm
Concentric inlet & outlet valves
Patent variable inlet valve
Patent concentric exhaust valve lifter
Free engine pulley on rear wheel
Interchangeable wheels
Live axles
Single sided hubs allowing puncture repair whilst wheel remain on the hubs
High tension magneto
Handlebar control for ignition and carburettor
Capacity: Petrol 150 miles.  Oil 250 miles
Lubrication by force pump in oil tank
Expanding type clutch, hand or foot control providing free engine, gear etc
Starting by handle on back wheel
Automatic stand
Saddle suspended on elliptical coach springs with anti vibratory check springs

Price 48
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