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James. 1910. 3 h.p.  Safety Model 2

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Chassis - special design as illustrated
Wheels and tyres 26" x  2" mounted on live axles, front fitted with shock absorber
Patented hubs and hub centre steering system
Internal expansion band brakes
Belt rim built on free engine clutch
Free engine clutch: leather to metal cone type in rear belt pulley operated by left foot
James 3 h.p. engine.  86mm x 96mm (557cc)
Brown & Barlow carburettor with No.32 jet
Handlebar control for ignition and carburettor
Free engine pulley on rear wheel
Interchangeable wheels
Single sided hubs allowing puncture repair whilst wheel remain on the hubs
Bosch high tension magneto, gear driven in aluminium case
Capacity: Petrol 150 miles.  Oil 250 miles
Lubrication by sight feed pump on oil tank
Starting by handle on back wheel
Automatic stand, 10" long and self-locking in both positions
Saddle suspended on spiral buffer springs with anti vibratory check spring
Strong tubular carrier
1" V rubber drive belt on deep section variable pulley.  Highest gear 4 to1,  lowest gear 6 to1
Black enamel finish.  Wheel black, green lined. 
Tanks aluminium, with green panels, lined black

Price 54
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