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James. 1921. 240cc.  Model 8

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240cc James two stroke engine 66mm x 70mm
26" x  2" wheels & tyres (beaded edge)
Front & rear rim brakes
Rear stand
Carrier with armoured toolbags
Two speed gearbox.  5:1 & 10:1 ratios
Direct force feed lubrication to big end from hand pump.  Also petroil mix in tank
Chain primary drive
 " belt final drive on 5" pulley
High tension magneto
'Approved type' carburettor
Chain case for primary drive
1 gallon petrol tank with 1 quart oil compartment
James pan saddle
Black enamelled frame
Tank enamelled in brown with red & gold lines
Wheel rims enamelled black
Valanced mudguards
Selling price - 75
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