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James. 1925. 550cc.  Model 19

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550cc James 4 h.p. side valve engine
85mm x 97mm
Touring type handlebar and adjustable footrests
26" x 3" wheels and tyres
Quickly detachable rear wheel
Front and rear internal expanding hub brakes
Front and rear stands
Carrier with two armoured pannier bags
Wide domed section mudguards
Aluminium silencer
Lubrication by mechanical pump with adjustable sight feed
Shock absorber incorporated in clutch

Light chain guards
James three speed gearbox and clutch
Solo ratios 5.17, 9.1 & 17.3 : 1
Combination ratios 5.86, 10.3 & 19.63 : 1
High tension magneto
AMAC or Mills carburettor (Optional)
Terry's flexible saddle

Finished in black enamel
Tank enamelled in two shades of brown lined red and gold
Nickel plate to bright parts
Rust proof black oxidised finish to other parts
Price solo 63
Price as combination 80
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