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James B7. 1930. 250cc.  SV Super Sports De Luxe

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James 249cc side valve engine
Binks carburettor - lever control
High tension magneto
Mechanical oil pump plus hand pump
Pipe, silencer and fishtail nickel plated
James all metal clutch
Three speed gearbox - hand change
6" brakes
Rear stand
Avon cord balloon 25" x 3" tyres
Wide well stayed deep domed mudguards
Front mudguard valanced
Tank finished in black, lined gold
Terry saddle
Toolbag and toolkit, tyre inflator
Lucas 6 volt separate dynamo, 6" headlamp, dimmer, tail lamp and ammeter.  Dynamo charges battery

All weather finish throughout - chrome to silencer, handlebar and levers, tank etc was extra
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