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James C2. 1931. 500cc.  SV De-Luxe Super-Sports

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"Grey ghost" model
500cc Sports twin. 64mm x 77.5mm
Amal carburettor - twist grip control
High tension magdyno (Lucas)
Mechanical duplex oil pump with sight feed
Two large expansion chamber with fishtails
Three speed gearbox - James own make
James all metal multiplate clutch
7" brakes
Adjustable footrests - rubber  pads
James pattern forks with shock absorbers & steering damper
26" well section rims.  Timken wheel bearings
Goodyear heavy cord tyres - 26" x 3.25"
Wide, well stayed, deep domed mudguards
Front and rear stands & central prop stand
Tank finished in royal blue and chrome, gold lined
Separate oil tank
Terry saddle
Large headlamp with double dimmer, tail lamp, knee grips, tool kit, tyre inflator
Tank, handlebar fittings, exhaust system, carburettor, gear lever, brake pedal chrome plated
Cycle parts in pearl grey.  Centres of rims and hubs royal blue
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