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James J17. 1938. 125cc. Ultra Lightweight

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Villiers 125cc twin port engine
Petroil lubrication.  16"1
Three speed gearbox
Flywheel magneto ignition
Pressed steel blade forks
Direct lighting set with 5" headlamp
Villiers single lever carburettor with handle bar lever control
2 gallon tank finished in black, gold lined
4" brakes ?
Twin exhaust pipes to large expansion box.  Tailpipe has "fishtail" (squashed end more like !)
Goodyear 25" x 2.75" tyres
Wide ribbed section mudguards
Centre stand
Terry saddle
Large toolbox and toolkit, tyre inflator, grease gun
Black enamel finish.  Wheel rims lined in red
Speedometer driven from inside front hub
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