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James K9. 1939. 250cc. Super Sports Deflectorless piston

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Villiers 249cc deflectorless piston engine
Flywheel magneto
Petroil lubrication.  16:1
Villiers single lever carb - twist grip
Three speed gear with two plate clutch
Girder forks
Tank finished in black enamel with "streamline" silver panels lined gold
Oil measure in filler cap
Wide domed mudguards
Both mudguards valanced and  rear portion of rear guard is detachable
5" brakes
Well section rims, chrome plated lined in red
Goodyear 25" x 3" tyres
Front and rear stands
Adjustable footrests with rubber pads
Twin exhaust pipes and silencers - chromed
Terry saddle
Lucas 6 volt dynamo for lighting, large headlamp and dimmer switch.  Voltage control unit
Toolbox and toolkit, rear carrier, grease gun, tyre inflator, licence holder, bulb horn and knee grips
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