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Alan Abrahams
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James K7 Captain 197cc
Registration number ABC 123
Frame Number BK7-xxxx
Engine Number 652B/xxxx

Dear Mr. Smith

Thank you for your enquiry.  I am pleased to be able to provide the details that will assist with your registration application.

Your frame number prefix, 'BK7', confirms both the model and year of manufacture.  'B' was the year code for 1959 and the 'K7' was the 197cc Captain model. 

The engine number prefix is correct both for the year and the model.  The Villiers engine prefix 652B denotes a batch of Villiers Mk. 10E engines with 4 speed gearboxes to the James specification for 1959. 

1959 was the last year of the Villiers engined Captain and the machine differed in certain respects from the previous year's model.  I see from the photographs that the machine is basically original and has the correct deeply valanced front mudguard fitted for that year and the panels around the swinging arm area, beneath the toolboxes.  These, unfortunately, are often removed and lost.  Your bike also has the optional 'deluxe' chrome plated petrol tank.  I have only seen two previous examples fitted with the chrome tank.  I am pleased to see that you have the correct exhaust system fitted, as replacements are now very difficult to source.  The dual seat appears not to be correct.  It is possible that the base may be correct and can be re-covered if it is in sound condition.  Dualseats are also difficult to source.

Since you have the original R.F.60 registration document, that confirms the frame and engine numbers, I see no reason why DVLA should not issue a new document unless they can show you that the number has been surrendered, or sold by a previous owner.

Whilst the above should suffice for supporting your claim, I shall be very happy to hear from you again if you think I can help in any way.

Best wishes

Alan Abrahams
James Marque specialist. 
The James Motorcycles Information Website 

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