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The British Two Stroke Club Ltd
Membership Application Form
Full Name


Postcode                                        Telephone

I apply for membership of the British Two Stroke Club Ltd and if admitted I undertake:

1.    To observe the provisions of the Articles of Association and Memorandum of the Company.
2.    To contribute 1 to the assets of the Company in the event of it being wound up whilst a member.
3.    To pay during membership such annual subscriptions as the Company in General Meeting shall from time to time   prescribe.
4.    To be bound by the rules and regulations of the Company.

Amount enclosed                                         


Membership fee is     15 annually (Jan - Dec)  (members will receive 6 magazines)
European members   19 annually airmail.  Payable by cheques in UK sterling only.
Rest of the World     23 annually airmail.  Payable by cheques in UK sterling only.
Part of year subscription (UK only) May - Dec 10 (members will receive 4 magazines)
Part of year subscription (UK only) Sept - Dec 5   (members will receive 2 magazines)

The Club is keen that members should be able to contact one another quickly and easily through the magazine and through contact arranged by Club officials using the list of members.  This helps to bring together members in the same area, for example, with a view to promoting local activity and events or to enable members to help one another with information.  It must be stressed that the Club DOES NOT supply the list of members to ANY organisation, or individuals outside the Club.

May the Club forward your name and address to other BTSC members in circumstances such as these ?


Please return this form and the subscription to
  Robert Hill
BTSC Membership
8, Pagham Gardens
Hayling Island
Hants PO11 9SS

Please make cheques payable to The British Two Stroke Club Ltd.