Lost in Luxembourg 2013

Our 'season closer'.

Gallery of Hugh Mackenzie's photos.    Gallery of Martin Halliwell's photos.     Gallery of Chris Webber's photos.
Gallery of Denise Bayliss' photos.

Again, due to illness, I was unable to attend this tour.  Chris Webber stood in for me and I thank him for doing so.

22 friends participated in this tour and the feedback that I have received suggests that they had a good time with good weather and plenty of autumnal colour to cheer the heart.

The Hoffmann family at the Hotel Oranienburg in Vianden know us well and ensured that everything went smoothly.

The following gallery of pictures from Hugh Mackenzie gives you a good idea of the atmosphere.


Pete Bayliss !  What else can I say ?
Chris Webber leads Dave Benson onto the forecourt of the lovely Hotel Rittersprung in Ouren, Belgium.  Another favourite venue for our tours.  Book your place for 'Lost en Ardennes' 2014 now - you will not regret it.
Hugh Mackenzie's Trident on high ground.
Tom Snow's Rudge with rear swinging arm suspension.
A typical selection of bikes of the sort that take part in our tours.
Vianden viewed from the castle.  A little bit misty on a rainy day but look at the autumnal colours and the beautiful countryside.  No wonder it has remained such a favourite for our 'season ender' for so many years.  Book your place for the end of October 2014.
  My sincere thanks to all the participants on this tour and to Hugh for taking the pictures.