Lost in Luxembourg 2013

Our 'season closer'.

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Here we have a gallery of photos from Denise Bayliss from the 'Lost in Luxembourg' tour.

Denise has also written a report that she has sent to the editor of a Club magazine in the hope of encouraging more riders next year.

Cake therapy at work - On the right is Bill Mills at the cafe on the Bollendorf bridge.  Bill is sitting in Luxembourg but the view you see behind him is of the village in Germany.  The river provides the border.

This cafe offers a cabinet of gorgeous, top quality pastries and is fast becoming a favourite 


Below is another favourite venue - the Hotel Fünfmädelhaus at Lambertsberg in Germany.  The roads in the area are fantastic, with lots of glorious climbs and far-reaching views.  It is difficult to resist the temptation to drop in for a coffee or an orange juice. In the view are Pete Bayliss and Denise's mum and dad Joan and Dave Fox, who have been riding together for over 60 years.

Martin Halliwell, on his Buell V-twin, passes Dave Fox's 500cc Velo.  Since there is a car in the background, it is probably rush-hour.


The photo below was taken at Martin Halliwell's home in Syren, near Luxembourg City.  Martin invited the entire party to his home for a BBQ and, fortunately the weather was lovely and sunny.

I do not know where this splendid cake was spotted but it make a fitting  end to the gallery.