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James Commodore L25. 250cc. 1957-1962

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Frame numbering
Frame numbers were prefixed with a year code for 1957, eg. 57L25-xxx.  From 1958 a new letter code for each year was used, eg. (1958) AL25-xxx.  (1959) BL25-xxx. etc.

Model announcement
"The Motor Cycle" 25 October 1956
(Sparkling New James, page 522)

The AMC 25T motor had been written up (Another Step Forward, page 814, "Motor Cycling")

"The Motor Cycle" 1 November 1956 carried a photo of newly assembled engines at the Plumstead AMC factory ready to be taken to the James and Francis-Barnett factories. 

Road tests
Details of the frame construction were shown in "The Motor Cycle" for 22 November 1956 but I have no details of a roadtest.

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