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James Captain. Rigid-frame. 200cc.1949-1953

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Frame numbering 1949 Prefix D. 
1950 Prefix M
1951 - 52 Prefix M
1953 Prefix A5  ?
Engine Villiers Mk 6E. Capacity 197cc.  59mm x 72mm
Gears Three speed, foot change.
Frame Single downtube with rigid rear.
Forks 1949 Taper tube girder type. Single, central undamped spring.
1950 Dunlop type forks.
1951 Model 5 forks
1952 Model 5 forks for Standard & Model 6 forks for Deluxe.
1953 Model 6 forks
Tyres 3.00" x 19"
Tyre pressures Front 20 lbs.psi.  Rear 25lb. psi.
Wheel rims Dunlop WM1 36 hole
Ignition timing 5/32" before top dead centre.
Points gap 0.015"
Plug gap 0.018"
Plug type Original spec. Lodge HHN short reach.
Carburettor Villiers Type 4 / 5 two lever
Jet size 0.081"
Needle No. 4
Needle setting Variable
Tank capacity 2 gallons approximately.  Use of unleaded fuel will cause no problems
Petroil mixture 16:1 as originally specified. Can be safely reduced to 20:1 with modern oils.
Gearbox capacity Remove oil level screw on side of engine casing and oil filler screw on top of casing.  Fill oil through the filler opening until oil begins to run out through the level plug hole. The correct level of oil is then assured.  Check it regularly.  Castrol "D"  SAE 140
Chaincase capacity Fill to level plug.
Chains Primary chain:  50 pitches (Renold 110044)
Final drive chain:  " x 111 pitches.
Sprockets Engine: (crankshaft)  19 teeth x ⅜" pitch.
Gearbox (final drive) 15 teeth x " pitch
Brakes 5" front & rear
Bulbs: Rectified Main bulb:  6v - 24 / 24w
Tail lamp: 6v - 3w
Stop light (where fitted): 6v - 18w
Parking lamp bulb:   6v - 3w
Parking  lamp battery  Ever Ready No. 1289
Bulbs: Direct Main bulb:  6v - 30 / 30w
Tail lamp: 6v - 3w
Parking lamp bulb:   3.5v - 0.15amp
Speedo bulb: 6v - 0.17amp
Parking  lamp battery  Ever Ready No. 1289
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