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James Scooter SC1 / SC4. 150cc. 1960-1963

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Frame numbering 1960  CSC1-xxx   1961  DSC1-xxx etc. 
4-speed models prefix xSC4-xxx
Engine AMC 15H. Capacity 149cc.  62mm x 55mm
Gears Three speed.  Later offered with 4 speed.
Frame Tubular frame with bodywork pressings.
Forks Leading link type using spring in tension.  Damper fitted.
Tyres 3.50" x 12"
Tyre pressures Too complicated - buy the book !
Wheel rims Pressed steel rims bolted to hubs.
Ignition timing 3/32" before top dead centre.
Points gap 0.018"  maximum.
Plug gap 0.020"
Plug type Original spec. Lodge HLN
Carburettor Amal type 375.
Jet size No 110
Needle No. B
Needle setting 2nd notch from top
Tank capacity 1 5/8 gallons.  Use of unleaded fuel will cause no problems
Petroil mixture 20:1 as originally specified. Can be safely reduced to 24:1 with modern oils.
Gearbox capacity Fill to dipstick level.  SAE 30
Chaincase capacity Fill until oil pours out through level plug hole.
Chains Primary chain:  60 pitches.   ⅜" x " x 0.225"
Final drive chain:  103 pitches.  " x 0.335" x 0.205" wide. 
Chain tension Unladen:  " - 1" whip
Laden:  ⅜" - " whip at tightest point.
Sprockets Engine: (crankshaft) 23 teeth  ⅜" pitch.
Gearbox: (final drive) 16 teeth " pitch
Rear chain wheel:  50 teeth.
Brakes 5" front & rear
Bulbs: Rectified Main bulb:  6v - 24 /24w Pre-focussed.
Tail lamp:  6v - 1.8w (two bulbs)
Stop lamp bulb:  18w S.B.C.
Speedo bulb:  6v - 1.8w
Parking lamp bulb:   6v - 1.8w
Parking  lamp battery  Ever Ready No. 1289
Battery Lucas type.  MLZ7E.  6 volt.
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