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James Cadet J5. 125cc. 1953-1954

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Frame numbering Prefix J5-
Engine Villiers Mk 13D. Capacity 125cc.  50mm x 62mm
Gears Three speed.
Frame Single downtube with plunger rear.
Forks Light weight telescopic fork. Plastic gaiters. (These were also available as a retro-fit for earlier girder fork Comets and 98cc Commodore.)
Tyres 2.75" x 19"
Tyre pressures Front 15 lbs.psi.  Rear 22lb. psi.
Wheel rims Dunlop WMO 36 hole.  Silver painted (Argenized)
Ignition timing 5/32" before top dead centre.
Points gap 0.015"
Plug gap 0.018" - 0.025"
Plug type Original spec. Lodge H14
Carburettor Villiers Type 3/4  Single lever.
Jet size Main jet 0.083"
Needle No. 3
Needle setting 2 13/32" out.
Tank capacity 2 gallons approximately.  Use of unleaded fuel will cause no problems
Petroil mixture 16:1 as originally specified. Can be safely reduced to 20:1 with modern oils.
Gearbox capacity Remove oil level screw on side of engine casing and oil filler screw on top of casing.  Fill to oil level mark on dipstick. The correct level of oil is then assured.  Check it regularly.  Castrol "D"  SAE 140
Chaincase capacity pint.  Fill to oil level plug.
Chains Primary chain:  64 pitches. ⅜ x x 0.225".  Renold 110038.
Final drive chain: 117 pitches (1953).  116 pitches (1954)  " x 0.335" x 0.205" wide (Renold  110044).  Tension movement max.   ⅜" - " vertical
Sprockets Engine: (crankshaft) 18 teeth  ⅜" pitch.
Gearbox (final drive) 17 teeth " pitch
Rear wheel sprocket:  44 teeth as standard.
Brakes 1953 - 4" front & rear. 
1954 - 4" front &  5" rear.
Bulbs: Direct Main bulb:  6v - 30 / 30w  S.B.C.
Tail lamp:   6v -  3w  S.B.C.
Parking  lamp bulb: 3.5v - 0.15amp M.E.S.
Parking  lamp battery  Ever Ready No. 1289.
Speedo bulb:  6v - 0.17amp M.B.C. 
Bulbs: Rectified Main bulb:  6v - 24 / 24w. Pre-focussed.
Tail lamp:   6v -  3w 
Tail / Stop-light (if fitted): 6v - 18 / 3w B.C.
Parking  lamp bulb: 6v - 3w  M.B.C.
Parking  lamp battery  Ever Ready No. 1289.
Speedo bulb:  6v - 0.17amp B.C. 
Battery Lucas type - PUZ7E-9.  6 volt.  12 amp-hours.
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