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Need a document ?
DVLA require evidence that confirms the identity of the vehicle.  That 'identity' is linked to the frame number.

Where there is no evidence of an original registration number* you can apply for an 'age-related' registration number.

If you believe you have a claim to the original registration number that was assigned to the machine, DVLA will require confirmation that the frame you have was originally issued with the number you are claiming.

I shall need details of the model and year (if you know them) and evidence such as an old log book, tax disc, MOT certificate or bill of sale as well as photos of the machine. Use the links on the left to help you.

*A number plate fixed to the bike is not evidence without supporting paperwork.

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What I need from you.
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Why an R.F.60 ?
Why an M.O.T. ?
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Why a bill of sale ?
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